We may be young, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start our dreams of being writers right now. Here are a few reasons to get out there and start writing while you’re still young, hungry, and kicking!

1. Practice Makes Perfect

You’ve heard it a billion times, but it is definitely true. The sooner you start working at a skill, the sooner you’ll improve. If your first novel doesn’t turn out how you wanted it to, start on another or work on fixing that one.

2. You Have Time

It may seem like your schedule in high school or college is chock full, but in the scheme of things, you have more time than you think. When you grow up, you’ll have a fulltime job and a family to worry about. The time to write is now!

3. You’ll Make a Habit Of It

The key to good writing is writing a lot. If you start a habit of writing a certain amount when you’re young, this will give a higher chance of continuing this routine as you grow up.

4. It’s a Free Hobby

With the 6-night-a-week Ramen dinners and overflowing laundry baskets, all you need is a hobby or passion that costs a lot of money. All writing needs is a mind and a computer or pencil and paper to record it.

5. You Have Help

If you are in school now, you probably have teachers or mentors who have experience in writing or even in publishing. Of course, you’ll always have people to help you, but school is like a gold mine of experts just waiting to help you.

6. You Have Experience With Your Generation

Children’s, young adult, and even many adult novels have main characters in college, high school, or even younger. You have a lot of experience with these types of characters—heck, you might even be one of them!

7. Writing Makes you a Better Reader

As you write, you realize the tough parts of constructing a novel firsthand. Next time you read a novel, you can collect tips on how to improve in these areas. Remember, writing is reading.

8. Completing a Goal Feels Awesome

We’ve all put easy things on our to-do lists just for the satisfaction of crossing them out. However, writing a novel is no easy feat. Just the action of creating and finishing a novel completely is definitely something to be proud of.

9. You Might Make Money (But don’t count on it…)

Some writers have found great success in sharing their work with the world. There is always a small chance you could be like one of these writers too, but it is more likely that writing will simply be a freeing and positive experience in your life.